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Spiderman Toys for Kids

As Marvel's flagship character, Spiderman has proven to be one of the top selling merchandise in the world. Children from all over love this webhead and millions of Spiderman toys for kids in the market are a proof of this.

Having existed for more than 40 years, the various Spiderman toys can be purchased just about anywhere. Chances are, any child growing up has had at least one Spider-Man toy in their collection.

Spiderman Action Figures

Of course, the most popular Spiderman toys for kids are the various action figures that come in different varieties. The most typical are the 6-inch action figures which feature many different versions of Spiderman over the years.

First off, you have the classic Spiderman action figures. This is the standard version which incorporates the popular red and blue costume that people have come to love.

Then there's the movie version of Spiderman toys for kids which are based on the popular trilogy featuring Tobey Maguire. These are more detailed than their classic counterparts and feature an embossed web design on the costume as seen in the films.

Next is the Black Spiderman version. This was popularized by Todd Mcfarlane's well-liked Venom story arc from the comics. In this version, Spidey's black costume is actually an alien symbiote that he had to get rid of because of its parasitic qualities.

Web Shooters

These are also very popular Spiderman toys for kids. In fact, it's a fast-selling product because it allows kids to live out their dreams of becoming like their beloved web-slinger.

There have been different versions of web shooters released in the past, such as a spring-loaded shooter that launches darts with a string attached to it. There are also modern versions of web-shooters that use canisters that shoot colored silly strings.

Spider-Man Vehicles

Another popular line of Spider-Man toys for kids not only include an action figure but an accompanying vehicle as well.

For instance, a lot of toy stores carry Spiderman action figures on sand riders, 4-wheelers, web riders, cars and the like. Although the comic books don't really show Spidey using any other mode of transportation aside from his web, these toys are still a big hit with the kids.


No worthy hero is without an equally imposing villain to fight. Spidey has a rich history of villains and these also make for popular Spiderman toys.

Green Goblin for example, is one of Spiderman's most notorious foes. Dressed up as a medieval creature, Norman Osborn's alter ego has terrorized New York city with pumpkin bombs while riding on a glider.

Also, Doctor Octopus a.k.a. Otto Octavius is a classic mad scientist who uses four mechanical arms to go head-to-head with Spiderman. These Spiderman toys for kids are also very popular especially because kids like staging epic battles as they re-live Spidey's adventures.

All in all, you won't have to go far to find Spiderman toys. You can find it on every shelf of just about any toy store. You can even buy them online from this site.

Spiderman is a hero that has been part of many children's lives. And with the kind of following Spidey has, Spiderman toys will be around for a long time to come.

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